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Exclusive Holistic Health Coaching for Ovarian Cancer Patients

By Francesca Beagle, Exclusive Integrative Nutrition Coach

Meet Francesca

Meet Francesca Beagle,
Ovarian Cancer Survivor

Integrative Holistic Nutrition Coach

My name is Francesca Beagle, I am a recent graduate of International Integrative Nutrition Coaching (IIN). At IIN, we help clients regain their health with a holistic approach to healing through primary and secondary foods. I am now an exclusive Integrative Holistic Nutrition Coach, and I specialize in coaching women who have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer through their journey, and beyond. Here is my journey.

Diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer on January 1st, 2020, I went through the treatments with a brilliant and caring oncology team, but after my hospital visits, I was completely isolated from the world due to COVID-19. Alone with my emotions, I was driven to learn multiple techniques, and find products that really helped me smooth this process out. I am now working through recovery and learning ways to help my body come back healthy and strong. I would be honored to help you with your journey, which can be as challenging as you are unique. Ready to get started on this journey together? Fill out my contact form and I will be happy to give you a free consultation.

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Services Offered:

  • On-going support for women going through Ovarian Cancer Treatment

  • A no-judgement, safe space where you can talk through your feelings and issues, and be heard by someone who has gone through just what you are going through now

  • Six Month and One Year Programs offered, pick the plan that works best for your situation

  • Free coaching consultation for new clients

  • Recipe cards for custom, nutritious meals and diet plans, tailored to your oncology team and dietician's recommendations

  • Gentle exercise guidelines

  • Regular features in my blog; including tips, techniques and healthy, healing products

  • Pamphlets explaining the importance of Primary and Secondary food


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