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Ileostomy Survival


BEING a vegan for over 5 years, when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, which resulted in a hysterectomy, chemo and an ileostomy bag (temporary), I had to make some severe dietary changes. I quickly found that I had to add meat to survive the chemo and restrict my diet to certain foods compatible with the “ostiebag” as well as adhere to recommendations from my oncology team/surgeon.

The key to being comfortable with your “ostiebag” lies in mastering three main skills:

  1. Find a balance between liquids (drinks and water content in certain foods) and solid foods, in order to keep the contents of the bag fairly viscous, and not too watery.

  2. Learn the techniques to procure a fit around the stoma that is close, secure, comfortable, so as not to irritate the delicate skin with the bag.

  3. Keeping the skin around the stoma and under the bag clean, dry and not irritated.

Having said that, this takes a bit of practice, everyone has their own special issues, hopefully I can answer your questions to help you with yours. At first, I could not get the fit right, however, it was not too long before I had mastered the fit and food mixture to a fine degree! I then discovered an amazing organic, healthy, healing gel made from Aloe Vera that stopped irritation, healed it quickly when it happened, and served as a gentle adhering agent under the plastic bags. My stoma and surrounding skin on day of reversal surgery was absolutely immaculate, healthy, with no irritation to be found; the O.R team was ecstatc!!

Was this article helpful? If it helped you, and you want me to go into more detail, please subscribe. Let me know what you need help with. How can I make this journey easier and more pleasant for you?

Best Wishes !

Have no fear ladies; You can learn anything if you have to!

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